Ottoman Uniforms
Ottoman Uniforms


17th-18th Century Egyptian Janissary and Cavalry

Right - Two illustrations combined together from the Ralamb Costume Book, showing the:

  • Egyptian Janissary [1].
  • Cairo Cavalry.


[1] In the 16th-17th centuries, the Egyptian Janissaries (like the Damascus Janissaries), were trained as early Dragoons, and were horse mounted on the march. 

Ottoman Egyptian Soldiers (1805)

Modern Egyptian Army (1820)

Right - Joseph SEVE "Soliman Pacha), in 1820 was sent to Aswan to educate the new Egypt Army. In 1821, he was appointed AGHA, and he took the name ‘Soliman’, converting to Islam. His AGHA 'rank' or Pasha title, is indicated by the three stars and crescent badge on this chest [1].


[1] This also became the new badge of the Egyptian Khedive's coat of arms: The three stars (often accompanied with crescents as well), the victory of the Khedive's armies in three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa); and sovereignty over Egypt, Nubia, and the Sudan.

1831 Army of Egypt Generals and Senior Officers

1831 Army of Egypt Corps

1831 Egyptian Guard Infantry

1831 Army of Egypt Rank Insignia

1831 Egyptian Infantry

1831 Egyptian Cuirassiers

Right - An 1830s Egyptian cuirassier (Vinkhuijzen Collection). According to 'Khedive Ismail's Army', by John P. Dunn (2013) - “One squadron maintained a different organisation. These were Zirkhagi, the ‘iron men’ or cuirassiers.

  • Once two regiments strong, and contributors to Ibrahim’s victory at Nezib (1839).
  • They were now part of the Khedival Guard.
  • Armed with sabres and pistols, these wore chain-mail armour and metal helmets with nose-guards”.

1831 Egyptian Cavalry

Army of Egypt (1845)

Right  - Extracted from the same picture in the NYPL Digital Gallery (as the Egyptian Circassian Officers group - Below), containing the ‘Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Uniforms/Egypt, 1820-1898’, has an 1840s group of the Egypt Army from 1830-40, and is titled "Turkisches Militar".

  • These infantry figures with an Egyptian flag wear the 1840s shell jacket, with its frount folded back showing the red lining, which has white button hole lace attached to the inside of the jacket.
  • Typically, these jackets are seen fully closed over.
  • However, the practice of folding back the front, was likely popular; as the white summer uniforms from another picture in the Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Uniforms/Egypt shows this exact same detail.
  • While the officer wears the plain blue frock coat with his order of rank badge, worn as a fez badge.

Egyptian Circassian Officers

Right - Extracted from a picture in the NYPL Digital Gallery, containing the ‘Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Uniforms/Egypt, 1820-1898’, has an 1840s group of the Egypt Army from 1830-40, and is titled "Turkisches Militar".

  • These three central figures look to be Egyptian Circassian Officers, and a trooper seen from the back and identified by the smaller round fur cap (formed as a cavalry auxiliary unit in the Army of Egypt, in the 1840s).
  • As can be seen, they still wear the typical 'Cossack' costume, which also illustrates the type of uniforms worn by the Ottoman Cossacks 1848-1853 1st Regiment.
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