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Ottoman Field Artillery (1826)

Ottoman Mortar Corps (1827)

Right - Extracted from the Vinkhuizjen Collection illustrations, which shows a figure hand-dated "1827" of the "Churnbardschi", which archaic-German for 'many Bombardiere'.

  • Pictured from the back, this figure still wears the traditional Janissary tall black stove-pipe shakos, used by the Humbaraci (Bombardiers) Corps.
  • The Humbaraci Corps were in charge of manufacturing, transporting, and firing the mortars, mines, grenades, and bombs, in attacks on fortifications from either land or sea.
  • The Mortar corps also had two main sections, with those involved in the manufacture of weapons allied to the Cebeci Corps (in the Janissary period) and those charged with using them in the battle and siege warfare being under the Cannon corps. As can be seen, the Mortar Corps was still operating in 1827.
  • It also appears that the downward-pointed back of the yellow collars was a distinctive feature of the short brown jackets (with black tape edging) worn in 1827 for this particular corps.
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