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Ottoman Uniforms


Senior Artillery Officers

 Junior Artillery Officers

Artillery Coat Colours

From 1851, the artillery in each army corps was, like the cavalry (dressed in individual corps coat colours), were distinguished by individual corps coat colors. So far only brown with blue facings have been identified.

Artillery Collar Plates

Right - 1840s artillery collar plates. Made of cast brass, and can be perforated to show the red collar fabric, or engraved in which case these would have had red lacquer painted into the script, numbers or graphic.

Turkish Cannon Types in Service (1837-1843)

From 1837, their were nine different calibers of artillery.' From 1843, "an artillery regiment comprised 11 companies of six field pieces each and one of four mountain guns" [1].


[1] Marcel Roubicek. 1978 Modern Ottoman Troops, 1797-1915: In Contemporary Pictures. Franciscan Printing Press. 

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