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Foot Artillery

Right - A Crimean War Turkish foot artillery soldier, from a period illustration, distinguished by the cross-cannon badge on the cross-belt, as well as the buckle. The red collar, cuffs and shoulder boards, worn on an 1840s wool shell jacket.

C.A. Norman commented that GEN. Vanson's 'Foot Artilleryman, from a black and white sketch titled Campaign Artillery' [1]:

  • This figure wears the rather uncommon buttoned jacket, which appears to be without facings or trim of any kind (since the sketch is unshaded it's difficult to tell for certain).
  • C.A. Norman commented, "I would assume the jacket to be dark blue, while the Western-style trousers might be either dark blue or white."
  • The artilleryman's only armament is a short straight-bladed sword of unknown Western type, which seems to have generally been the norm among dismounted men of the field artillery.


[1] C.A. Norman. Turkish Uniforms of the Crimean Era (Soldiers of the Queen: Issue 85).

Horse Artillery

Several Ottoman horse artilleryman are described by C.A. Norman:

  • Carrying a (Western) cavalry sabre and no pouch on guard duty while the sketch shows a pouchbelt and scimitar with steel scabbard [1].
  • An NCO is mentioned in the horse artillery description as wearing the same uniform as the men with a black waistbelt, new sabre, and no other insignia.
  • Another description of horse artillery mentions brown pointed shabracks edged with blue tape.

The GEN. Vanson description of a horse artilleryman illustrates wearing what is presumably the 'new' uniform, and quotes [2]:

  • Dark blue tunic with (dark) blue collar and cuffs, trimmed with red braiding (described as 'less bright than scarlet') and three rows of small brass buttons on the breast.
  • Dark blue trousers, with a broad scarlet stripe.
  • White waistbelt with a square plate.
  • Cavalry sabre without knot.


[1] [2] C.A. Norman. Turkish Uniforms of the Crimean Era (Soldiers of the Queen: Issue 85).

Garrison Artillery

In a drawing titled 'Garrison Artillery, Varna' (no colour notes) a figure is shown wearing the 'new' uniform with native shoes. The uniform appears identical to that of the infantry, and would presumably have been of the same colours. C.A. Norman comments [1]:

  • Curiously, the only part of the drawing to be shaded is the shoulder-straps, which are without piping. Just what this signifies is unclear; might the 'new' artillery uniform have differed from that of the infantry by having differently-coloured shoulder straps, or could this be simply a peculiarity of Garrison Artillery?
  • He is armed with what appears to be a carbine with bayonet (possibly a French Gendarmerie musketoon?).'


[1] C.A. Norman. Turkish Uniforms of the Crimean Era (Soldiers of the Queen: Issue 85).

Dardanelles Chanak Kaleh-Si Castle Bombards (1853)

1853 Congreve Rocket Battery

In 1853, in a letter to Sultan Abdulmecid II the use of 'Congreve Rockets', is specifically mentioned in relation to war preparations against the Russians in the Caucuses [1].


[1] Candan Badem. 'The Ottoman Crimean War: 1853 - 1856'. Brill, 2010: 150.

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