Ottoman Uniforms
Ottoman Uniforms


General Officers

RIGHT: The Army of Egypt's General Staff tunic button.

The 'General Staff, Handbook of the Egyptian Army, 1912, London', states that the Arkan Harb Riasseh el Geish (Headquarters Staff) wore a black and white flash on their headgear, with a white and black plume 'hackie'. This was worn on the British officers' headgear, which in the field was an Egyptian Army pith helmet, with an Ottoman star and crescent badge. The tarboush (fez) was worn on official occasions, without any badges or insignia.

Right - A pre-WW1 Egyptian rank insignia crown.

Right - An Army of Egypt pre-1914 collar gorget patch, for the khaki drill uniform. Worn by general officers and staff officers.

Battalion Officers

Officers Khaki Uniform 

Officers White Dress Uniform

Right - A picture, taken around 1900 of a Captain in the Egyptian Army, wearing a high quality summer dress uniform - A list of the likely tailors is given below [1] [2] [3]. This uniform has rank cuff insignia, embroidered in white cotton, this cuff details is sometimes seen on these jackets. These are identical to the cuff insignia seen on the officer's black wool service jacket (below).


[1] D.C.E. Comyn (1911) Service. & Sport in the Sudan: A Record of Administration in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. With Some Intervals of Sport and Travel London: John Lane:

[2] Below - From 'Section 5: Cairo' (GUIDE TO EGYPT AND THE SUDAN, 1908, Macmillan and Co. Limited St. Martin's Steet, London), a list of outfitters, including Collacott.

[3] E. A. Reynolds-Ball; B.A., F.R.G.S. 1898 Cairo of to-Day: A Practical Guide to Cairo and its Environs. London: Adam and Charles Black: 23, “English Tailors.- Collacott, Sharia-el- Manakh; Davies, Bryan and Co.; Lawson and Phillips, 19 Sharia-el-Maghraby."

Officers Blue Underdress Uniform

Officers Black Service Jacket

Right - An Egyptian Army officers' black wool service jacket, from prior to WW1. This pattern adopted after 1885, reflects British as well as Turkish influences in particular the cuff rank lace. This tunic generally remained in service, throughout WW1, and into the 1950s in the Egyptian Army.


Post-1885 Army of Egypt NCO Insignia

Below - The 'General Staff, Handbook of the Egyptian Army, 1912, London', list of Egyptian army ranks:

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