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Khedive Life-Guards (1859)

Khedive Palace Guards (1854-1863)

Right - A headgear plate with the 'SM' monogram of Mohamed Sa'id Pasha of Egypt 1854-1863 (from the website  Egyptian Royalty). The plate measures 138 x 150 mm, and is correctly shaped for a short-lived bearskin cap, or 'hussars' colpack cap used in the 1859 period, for the Khedive's household guards.

Above - Photographed recently, an Egyptian cuirassier helmet likely from the 1859 Khedive Life Guards. The text on the helmet plate is likely to be "Muhammad Sa'id" (see below).

Right - The helmet plate Arabic script (seen above) is identical to "Muhammad Sa'id", the 'Wali of Egypt and Sudan', from 1854 until 1863, used in various court paintings of him.

1856-1882 Mounted Palace Guard

Right - The buckle pictured in this photograph is actually a variation of the French Cuirassiers officer's buckle from the early 2nd Republic incorporating flaming grenade, and a spread of flags (which is likely to be the flag pattern from the Khedive coat of arms).

1883 Guardia del Ministra

Right - Extracted from a Vinkhuijzen Collection illustrations, from 1883, carries the caption "Guardia del ministra" (Minister's Guards).

1880 Khedive Palace Staff-Officer

Right - 1880s Egyptian Khedive Palace Staff-Officer.

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