Ottoman Uniforms
Ottoman Uniforms


Sultan Abdulaziz

Right - Abdulaziz was the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and reigned between 25 June 1861 and 30 May 1876. He is pictured here, wearing an early pattern imperial army senior officers underdress tunic, and officer's brocade belt and standard 'Order of Orta' crescent buckle. A key feature of the 1860-1876 uniforms was the use of buttoned back cuff-slits running up to the elbow (see discussion below – Security Officer’s uniform). In this particular version: the pointed cuffs end with a crescent badge; the cuff displays an early Ottoman coat-of-arms.

1861 Garde du Palais

Right - A 'Garde', and 'Chef du Garde', in the Imperial Palace Guard Company, in 1860-70. After, 1876 became known as the Imperial Courts' Halberdiers (a feature of all the various European courts and the time). Called the 'Baltadjis', these had been a Janissary regiment whose role (armed with axes) was to clear the Sultan's path, of trees etc on campaign, and to set up his tent

1861 Gendarmery Uniforms

Right – A picture, miss-dated to 1876-1908 shows the 1860-1876 zouave gendarme uniform was a light-blue with yellow facings (Vinkhuizjen Collection). Between 1861, and 1876 the Gendarmery regiments of Brousse, Smyrne, Angora, Kastamonia, Konia, Trebizond, Hedjaz and Yemem were created.

Security Officer

Right - This 1876 illustration of an ottoman officer, shows:

  • A key feature of the 1861-1876 uniforms was the use of buttoned back cuff-slits running up to the elbow.
  • A security officer's gorget, with a six-point star embossed on it is visible.

Early aiguillettes-shoulder cords, which are pulled up under the epaulette bridle, forming a shoulder board out of the aiguillettes’ attachment tab.

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