Ottoman Uniforms
Ottoman Uniforms
The Shepherd Protects Their Flock
History of the First Ancient Armies and the Crossing of the Military Threshold.
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INTRODUCTION: Emergence of War in Human Societies, and Crossing the Military Threshold

CHAPTER 1: Selecting Soldiers

CHAPTER 2: Role, Organisation and Manoeuvre of Early Armies

CHAPTER 3: Battle

CHAPTER 4: Kings and Military Leaders

CHAPTER 5: Priests and God Idols

CHAPTER 6: Hunter and Herder-Warriors

CHAPTER 7: Shield Bearers and Spearmen

CHAPTER 8: Storage Pots, Water and Land Transport, and Rations Giving

CHAPTER 9: Fortifications and Siege Craft

CHAPTER 10: The Sumerian War Cart

CHAPTER 11: War Cart’s Battle Use

CHAPTER 12: King Sargon’s Royal Standing Army

CHAPTER 13:Amorite, Elamite and Lullubi Warriors

CHAPTER 14: Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Crossing of the Military Threshold

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