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Right - A 1915 illustration showing two Imperial Army music corps soldiers, with the 1909-period shoulder wings.

The exact post-1909 Band - Military Music Department insignia colors is not entirely clear, as the only uniform information is for the bandsmen's wings given the 1911 Italian Army manual on the Ottoman Army, as black with white stripes (Below/Right). This suggests the uniform facings were black as well.

Right - The 1916 introduction of yellow facings, for the Military Music Department, seems to have coincided with a change in the bandsmen's wings from black to red, with white stripes, illustrated (Far Right), based on a WW1 sketch by the war artist: Fransiz Ressam Charles Fouqueray "tarafindan 1916 yilinda yapilan turk ordusu kiyafet eskizleri [Drawn in 1916 by the French painter Charles Fouqueray (1869 - 1956) Turk Army Clothes Sketches]". [1]

Right - This picture of a military band member shows dark coloured collar patched clearly displaying some type of metal badge. This appears to be: Lyre rank badge for a Music Bandmaster (as these were in use by 1921).

The colour of the collar patch badge was likely silver (as the band was a non-combat role), or s cast brass Lyre, and either:

  • Red (in keeking with the shoulder wings)
  • Black (in keeking with another version of the shoulder wings)
  • Possibly, Deep-Purple - As this was the facing colour for the Imperial Army Music School.


[1] Tunca Orses. Necmettin Ozcelik. (2007) Dunya Savasi'nda Turk Askeri Kiyafetleri 1914-1918. Militärmuseum, Istanbul: 145.

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