Ottoman Uniforms
Ottoman Uniforms


1917 Egyptian Uniforms for Turkish POWs

Right - Extracted from the Imperial War Museum collection, a photograph of "Turkish Prisoners of War road making at Kantara, 1917." This picture shows:

  • The Turkish POW uniform as having shoulder boards and four-pockets.
  • The Turkish POW NCO appears to have a plain coloured armband with white writing on it.
  • As well, the POW ID disk can be seen on these uniforms attached to the top breast pocket.

WW1 Turkish POW I.D. Tags

Right - A British Army's Turkish Prisioner of War uniform tag (recently found in Gallipoli).

Right - Another example of a British Army's Turkish Prisioner of War uniform tag. These largely follow Victorian-period prison I.D. tags used in the British penal system, with the addition of the Ottoman numbers, corresponding the European numbers.

1917 Red Cross Report

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