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Ottoman Uniforms


WW1 Turkish Army Breeches, Pantalones and Trousers

Below- This plate has been re-illustrated (and added to), from the Italian Royal Army manual on the Ottoman Turkish Imperial Army from 1911. Five patterns for 1909 Imperial Army breeches and soldier's pantaloons were established. These patterns were used throughout WW1. 

  • This shows that the 1909 soldiers' pantaloons were knee-pad reinforced.
  • As well, the breeches all have crouch/under leg reinforcing.

Right - Pictured in Tunca Orses. Necmettin Ozcelik. (2007) Dunya Savasi'nda Turk Askeri Kiyafetleri 1914-1918. Militärmuseum, Istanbul: 35. This is a pair of simplified officers', and/or soldiers' breeches worn in WW1.

WW1 Turkish Army Boots and Footwear

Right - Turkish Army drawing of the 1909 cavalry black leather boot and spurs.

Below - A comparison, with a German made M1901 front-laced ankle boot (from WW1), and the Turkish Imperial Army copy of the ankle boot, from a Turkish 1909-period illustration. The Turkish Army copy, is:

  • Lower cut.
  • Has only five lace holes. 
  • The heal-line extents to the bottom of the front opening.

Below - Two Turkish soldier's shoes from Gallipoli, 1915 in the Australian War Memorial collection, these are:

They are hand made, from thick cow hide, and incorporate a length leather strap, and metal buckle harvested from military equipment kit, and incorporated into the shoe's construction.

Above - The shoe are worn with a pair of slip-on wool felt boot-socks. The wearer winds black tape or leather strap around the boot-socks in order to secure these more.

Below - A WW1 Turkish soldier's shoe (private collection).

1909 Turkish Army Leggings and Ankle Gaiters

Right - Turkish Army drawings of the leggings for officers - two patterns in blown leather and fabric. As well, the Turkish soldier's ankle gaiter.

WW1 Turkish Army White Canvas Boots

Above - Seen hanging on the wall, of the bookmakers’ workshop (discussed below) a pair of Imperial Army WW1-wartime white canvas boots. Issued to both officers and soldiers in the Palestine campaign, this was a local adaptation to overcome leather shortages as well as the problems of heat and dry climate conditions destroying leather goods.

WW1 Turkish Army Shoe Makers

Right - Two extracted pictures of Imperial Army Workers hats, from the American Colony Jerusalem, photograph collection - Military boot makers at Beersheba, 1917. They wear white felt fez, and two - senior skilled workers display the Order of Orta badge. This is likely cast brass metal.

Below - The complete picture. Note how complete boots are hung on the wall so that the Imperial Army supply officers can approve the completed boots for acceptance, as well the workers can compare these to the ones they are making.

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